Pro Volleyball Federation Announces Team Draft Order

Pro Volleyball Federation Announces Team Draft Order

COLUMBUS, Ohio / FRISCO, Texas – Pro Volleyball Federation, the premier women’s professional volleyball league in North America, has announced its selection order for the inaugural collegiate  player draft.  

Slated for Monday, December 11 at 10 am ET in Atlanta, the draft will consist of five rounds. It will be in a snake draft format, with the team holding the seventh selection in the first round then picking first in round two, and so on. 

Any player drafted must be at least 18 years or older on the day of the draft and must be defined as a college player. A “college player” is a female volleyball player who is: 

  • Enrolled in a four-year college or university in the United States and who (i) will not  graduate before August 2023 and (ii) has remaining eligibility to play collegiately during  the 2023 college indoor volleyball season; OR 
  • Enrolled in a two-year junior college or community college in the United States and who (i) will not graduate before August 2023 and (ii) has remaining eligibility to play collegiately during the 2023 college indoor volleyball season. 

Any athlete who meets the criteria above is eligible to be drafted. Players are not required to declare for the draft and any player drafted may elect to return to college if she has remaining eligibility should she choose not to sign with her Pro Volleyball Federation team.  

Trades can be made for players, draft picks, future considerations, or any combination thereof. The order for each round of the draft is included on the following page. 

Coach Collier said, “There is no question that this first-ever collegiate draft will be epic for collegiate players and collegiate programs all across the country. As for our Supernovas franchise, our coaching staff is working hard to evaluate potential players and networking with collegiate coaches. The draft will be an exciting event, and I know there will be college players who are looking forward to the opportunity to playing in this league in year one.”


First Round Draft Order
Round 1, Selection 1: Columbus Fury
Round 1, Selection 2: San Diego Mojo
Round 1, Selection 3: Las Vegas
Round 1, Selection 4: Grand Rapids Rise
Round 1, Selection 5: Orlando Valkyries
Round 1, Selection 6: Atlanta Vibe
Round 1, Selection 7: Omaha Supernovas

Second Round Draft Order
Round 2, Selection 8: Omaha Supernovas
Round 2, Selection 9: Atlanta Vibe
Round 2, Selection 10: Orlando Valkyries
Round 2, Selection 11: Grand Rapids Rise
Round 2, Selection 12: Las Vegas
Round 2, Selection 13: San Diego Mojo
Round 2, Selection 14: Columbus Fury

Third Round Draft Order
Round 3, Selection 15: Columbus Fury
Round 3, Selection 16: San Diego Mojo
Round 3, Selection 17: Las Vegas
Round 3, Selection 18: Grand Rapids Rise
Round 3, Selection 19: Orlando Valkyries
Round 3, Selection 20: Atlanta Vibe
Round 3, Selection 21: Omaha Supernovas

Fourth Round Draft Order
Round 4, Selection 22: Omaha Supernovas
Round 4, Selection 23: Atlanta Vibe
Round 4, Selection 24: Orlando Valkyries
Round 4, Selection 25: Grand Rapids Rise
Round 4, Selection 26: Las Vegas
Round 4, Selection 27: San Diego Mojo
Round 4, Selection 28: Columbus Fury

Fifth Round Draft Order
Round 5, Selection 29: Columbus Fury
Round 5, Selection 30: San Diego Mojo
Round 5, Selection 31: Las Vegas
Round 5, Selection 32: Grand Rapids Rise
Round 5, Selection 33: Orlando Valkyries
Round 5, Selection 34: Atlanta Vibe
Round 5, Selection 35: Omaha Supernovas

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